Price list

19 nov

Procedure PrivateGMS / GP VISIT Card HoldersUnder 6
Standard consultation€80Free of charge
Consultation with qualification for pre-employment purposes€80€80N/A
Consultation for driving license purposes€80€80N/A
Sick notes / Prescriptions / Referrals
Long term sick note (after visit every 4-6 weeks)€80€80N/A
Fit to work certificate€15€15N/A
Repeat prescription (only for medications for 3months supply prescribed by our doctor)€15Free of charge
Repeat prescription (only for medications for 6months supply prescribed by our doctor)€30Free of charge
Prescription for medication to be obtained outside Ireland (in EU countries)€15€15€15
Referral for blood tests, US scans, MRI scans, CT scans, referral to consultants (always issued after visit with GP)€80Free of charge
Certificates / Claim forms / Reports
Claim form for Insurance Company€120€120€120
Continuation of claim form in relation to the same medical problem / disease€60€60€60
Medico-legal report for solicitors, Injury Board or for Garda (only after receiving a request letter)€350 – 600€350 – 600€350 – 600
Visit prior to preparation medical reports for solicitors, Injury Board or claim for insured company€80€80€80
Certificate for Child Benefit purpose, PPS purpose, passport, parking permission€25€25€25
Certificates for pre-school / school (on parent requests)€15€15€15
Certificate / reports prepared on patientsparent request for Social Welfare Office, FAS, Social housing accommodation, City Council, Medical Card, Cross Border Treatment and other€60€60€60
Invalidity Pension form filling in – all UE countries€80€80N/A
Paternity leave form (only for partners/husbands of women in our ante natal and post-natal care)€40€40N/A
Medical autopsy for Garda, court or other medico-legal issues€200€200€200
Medical documentation prepared on patient’s request (printed copies of medical documentation)4€10-50€10-50€10-50
Medical Procedures
Blood tests€50€15
(courier fee)
blood tests / other tests to be carried out by private laboratory Eurofins – as per Eurofins price list – always should be a subject of enquiry at reception prior to booking
Urine / stool examination / swabs (each type of sample)€20€15€
(courier fee)
Smear test (only with letter from Cervical Screening Service)Free of chargeN/A
Injections (on a doctor's request)€10Free of charge€10
Dressing change on doctor’s request (first)€40Free of charge€40
Dressing change on doctor’s request (consecutive)€25Free of charge€25
Stiches removing€25€25€25
Ear syringing€60€60€60
For children from birth to age of 2 (as per national immunization programme)Free of charge
Immunisation for hepatitis, flu, tetanus, rabies (patient brings own vaccine)€30€30€30
Flu vaccine for patient qualified to risk group as per HSE recommendationsFree of charge
Any other immunization for children or adults not listed above€30€30€30

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